PART 1: Korean Barbecue

Do you know about Korean BBQ? Korean BBQ is slices of meat or marinated meat (beef, chicken, pork) that are cooked on a charcoal grill. Korean BBQ is the most famous food among us right now. You can always find Korean Restaurant that provide BBQ within kilometers in your city.

The History of Korean BBQ

The Goguryeo Era (37 B.C. to 668 A.D.).

Korean BBQ was in the form of a skewered meet called Maekjeok.

Maek : group that lived in the Goguryeo Era

Jeok : skewer


Lots of Korean BBQ Restaurant appeared in Korea. Korean BBQ became so popular. But, Japanese rule decrease the amount of beef storages and Korean BBQ’s popularity. As a result, Korean BBQ’s price became high.


Korean BBQ became popular again because of the slicing machine that came from the U.S military during the Korean War.


We already know that Korean BBQ has a very unique and long history. Korean BBQ has been more popular now, that it becomes so many people’s favorite dish.

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