PART 3: STOP Eating Korean BBQ Wrong!

Learning how to eat Korean BBQ can be tricky. What should you do with the lettuce? Or when do you have to eat the Banchan? From now, you can eat Korean BBQ like a pro.

Read on for a guide to not look like an idiot while eating Korean BBQ 😉

Bring lots of friends

(…and cash)

If you want to feel the joy while eating Korean BBQ, you need to bring your friends, family, etc to feel the favor among the juicy meats!

It’s okay to eat with

your hands

Don’t be shy eating Korean BBQ with your bare hands! It is a tradition that needs to be preserved.

Eat wraps in one


You need to eat the meat while it’s hot. So you need to eat it in just one bite at a time!

Do not over flip the


If you over flip the meat, it will be over cooked and lose its tenderness.

Do not just use the

grill for the meat

You have to combine the meat with others food like kimchi, lettuce, onion, rice, etc to spice up the flavor!

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